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What are the criteria for classifying hotel rooms?

09/01/2023 / admin

For those who book a hotel room for the first time, understanding how the room types at hotels are divided is an important step in choosing the right room for you and your family. Therefore, if you still do not understand clearly the difference between the room types in the hotel, the following article will give you the most comprehensive overview of them.

What are the criteria for classifying hotel rooms?

Unlike homestays, hotel rooms are often classified and named based on two main criteria: quality and type of bed.

Room classification based on hotel room quality

Standard Room (STD)

This is the most basic hotel room type, some 5 star hotels may not have this room type. Rooms are usually quite small, arranged on low floors, do not have a nice view and include only the most basic items.

các loại phòng trong khách sạn Crowne Plaza Moscow

Superior Room (SUP)

This type of hotel room is relatively better quality than standard room. With better view and layout, Superior room is larger and usually located on the floors near the middle of the building. With quite affordable room rates, many tourists choose this room type for their trip.

các hạng phòng khách sạn Pullman Vũng Tàu

Deluxe Room (DLX)

This type of hotel room is usually located on the middle floors and above, so it has a beautiful view of the outside. In this location, the quality of rooms is raised to a premium level with modern and best facilities, so the room rates are often quite expensive compared to the two types of rooms mentioned above.

loại phòng Deluxe của khách sạn The St.Regis Thâm Quyến

Suite (SUT) 

This is the most luxurious room in all hotel room types, usually located on the top floors. To emphasize the high level of this room type, each hotel has created different names such as President room, Royal Suite, Queen room…

Phòng Tổng Thống của khách sạn JW Marriot Hà Nội

 J.W Marriott Hotel Hanoi’s Presidential Room is 320 m2 (8 rooms) 

Suite room owns an extremely large room area with full amenities like a house (can be up to 8 rooms/suite) and has a panoramic view from the window or balcony to the beautiful city. In return, the price of this suite room is always extremely expensive, so we rarely have the opportunity to experience this type of room when traveling.

Hotel room classification by bed type 

  • Single Bedroom (SGL): 1 single bed for 1 person.
  • Twin Bedroom (TWN): 2 single beds for 2 people.
  • Double Bedroom (DBL): 1 double bed for 2 people.
  • Triple Bedroom (TRPL): 3 single beds OR 1 double bed and 1 single bed for 3 people.
Phòng Superior Twin Bedroom của khách sạn Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Usually, hotels will combine the words for room quality and bed type into a cluster to name the rooms. Example: Superior Twin Bedroom is a Superior room with 2 single beds for 2 people to sleep.

Some phrase related to hotel room class

Besides the above classifications, here are some related phrase commonly used in the hotel industry that you need to know:

Ocean View / City View / Lake View / Garden View…Depending on the location of the hotel, the room will have a significant view overlooking the garden, lake or sea,…
Pool Villa / Jacuzzi / Balcony / …Eqquiped with additional amenities such as balconies, swimming pools, jacuzzi, hot tubs…
Extra bedBed is added for Twins or Double rooms to make Triple rooms. Usually applied when there are not enough rooms or requested by guests.*Note: Each hotel has different surcharge policy
Family RoomLarge room for a family of about 5-6 people.
Connecting roomRooms with connecting door between two separate rooms located next to each other.
Run of the house (ROH)Guests will receive any available rooms at the time of check-in. Usually applied to tour groups.

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