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Payment Policy

10/01/2023 / admin

  • Prepayment for all confirmed booking(s) is required to pay for the Hotel in accordance with the agreed cut-off date. Booking(s) is not considered to be successful is payment is not completed as agreement.
  • If the Hotel has not granted Credit Facility Agreement, the TO / TA has to deposit 50% on total reservation when received Confirm from the Hotel and fully paid before guest check-in 03 days.
  • All others incidental expenses incurred by the guest(s) / client(s) will be settled directly with the Hotel upon guest(s) check out.
  • The Hotel may extend a credit facility based on room night production from the Travel agents.
  • Kindly make money transfer to our account as indicated below:
  • Banking charges, remittance fees, taxes, deduction, or with holding whatsoever, which shall be paid by Travel Agent(s).
  • In case Party B is late for payment obligations without any acceptable reasons and Party A does not violate any obligations stipulated in this Contract, Party B has to pay for Party A the interest of late payment is: 3% of total amount multiplication with number of days of delayed payment. 

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